It was Friday, October 2, around 2 p.m. when all teachers and staff of Karangturi Senior High set off to the camping ground of Salib Putih, Salatiga, with one main purpose: OUTBOUND TRAINING! However, this outbound activity was not an ordinary one since, as part of the RSBI teachers training program to improve the English skill, everything was carried out in English – the games, the instructions, the sessions, etc.Friday’s activities started with the opening from the Principal, Mr. Irawan, who of course gave his speech in English, followed by a session from an RSBI facilitator, Mr. Rohani, M.A.. The evening was filled with fun games in English and two sessions – one from Mrs. Septi and the other from the outbound team leader. The whole activities for that day ended almost at midnight with the bonfire. Tiring? Yes, but our happiness superseded the exhaustion.

Games continued the following day with the outbound instructors. The games, such as the mine box game, the ball game and the volleyball, involved physical activities, yet enabling all participants to use English. There were some things worth noting like the solid cooperation within a group, the importance of listening to commands from one leader, and of course the active use of English itself. The most interesting thing, anyhow, was that everyone was going ‘crazy’. Everyone took part enthusiastically, expressing themselves freely. Everyone in each group blended together. There was no gap among the principal, vice principals, the teachers and even the administration staff.

Evaluation was made before the closing of the program. The evaluation was not only meant for the participation of the teachers, but it was also given by the participants towards the committee as well as the outbound instructors. More importantly, many of us agree that there should be such an activity in the near future. Well, it’s all for the teachers’ English enhancement. It’s all for the sake of our beloved school. All the best for KARANGTURI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.