Congratulations to all the winners of the recently concluded program – English Day 2012 with the theme “Enhancing Unique Indonesian Culture” announced last April 23rd. SMA Karangturi held the Opening Ceremony last 5th of April hosted by Stephanus Maximillian of SCI class. It was attended by the Executive Board Director, Mr. Harry Santoso together with Ms. Cindy Leoneta, Ms. Indraningsih Tedjosugondo, administrators and faculty with the Student Exchange Students from Kilmore University, Melbourne Australia. The program started with a prayer led by Patricia Aditopo followed by the Indonesia Raya and Karangturi School Hymn  It was a day filled with spectacular presentations from The Karangturi Theatre Club that presented the Legend of Banyuwangi, a great cultural dance number from SMA Dance Group and a superb song number from the Drect Band, the Indonesian Rhapsody.  The event was not only to showcase the Karturian talent but also to enhance their skills in the different competitions – Extemporaneous Speech, Comic Strips Making Contest and the Short Story Writing Contest. To all the participants thank you -As we say, be the best we can be! The spirit of teamwork among SMA students, teachers, Vice Principals headed by our beloved principal, Mr. Irawan Nirwanto was the key to make this program a success!


Extemporaneous Speech

1st – Maria Stephanie Gunandar – XI IPA1

2nd – Danielle Karen Widjaja – X-SCI

3rd –  Agathon Henryanto – X – IPA3

Comics Strips Making Contest

1st – Renaldi Elwin Kurniawan / Belinda Puspita-  X-IPS1

2nd – Anita Pranoto /  Josephine Christina Djunarko – X –IPA 3

3rd –  Hitasukha Marakata / Irene Wardhani kusuma – X SCI

Short Story Writing  CONTEST

1st – Kwee, Alice Joseph – XI IPA2

2nd – Winona Ruby – XI- IPA4

3rd –  Melissa Angela Chionardes – XI IPA1

By: Ms. Raquel Pasion / Ms. Ima Nursita

Event Organizer